on a plant, on a pleasant day. Well, it looks like it, but in actuality, that picture is three pictures "sewn" together. There is the flower, the plant, and the sunny sky.

The picture below the flower picture is digitally enhanced also. That picture is a unique background picture . It has no real identity, which is appropriate for a background. By changing the colors and intensity of a photograph of a rock found on a beach, an interesting background has been created. Possibly, by changing the green to blue-black and the orange to high intensity yellow-white, the photo could appear to be an image of a mysterious galaxy, far, far away.

Enjoy viewing our pretty pictures. While you do, know that Dot Info makes enhanced photos & pictures for use on charts, data sheets, & advertisements. And as you're probably aware, it's done every day.

Art galleries are popular, pictures are hung on walls both in homes and in offices, and advertisements often feature pictures. The reason is that viewers not only enjoy looking at images but depend upon visual stimuli for acquisition of information. It follows that in communicating, the use of pretty pictures can provide information while adding interest to text, drawings, and charts.

Some of the examples shown here and on linked pages do that job when placed in the correct context. What is interesting about most of the pictures shown is that they are processed by various digital techniques. In this way, specific ideas can be shown and better described.

A specific example is of the artichoke flower, the picture at the top, in the display at the top. A viewer might think that this was a nice shot of a blossom

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