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Stationary includes letterheads and envelopes, business cards, forms and other such material on which written information is transmitted. Headings for E-mail and other electronic documents and fax transmittal sheets are also considered to be types of stationary. As such, stationary essentially identifies companies and organization on various communicating documents. Thus, a company's stationary needs to be integrated into the company's identification system so that consistent recognition of the company sending the document can be made by any viewer.

Logos are sometimes thought of as the key to company and organization identification. However, it is safe to say that although not every company has a logo, most every company has a letterhead that introduces and identifies itself. Even a new company will probably obtain letterheads and business cards before any other activity is undertaken because such validates it being in business. Thus, stationary needs to be recognized as important to communications and good, appropriate stationary needs to be considered as a key in a company's identity system.

As can be seen by the examples below, Dot Info has created stationary for various enterprises. Some are neat and precise while one example is as much an advertisement as it is a letterhead - business card set. The criterion is to present what is appropriate for the enterprise and like a logo design, to have some link to the organization's activity and to what has gone before.

There are three samples of stationary below. The first is typical of a professional set that includes a letterhead & envelope and a business card. Very straightforward and easily done. The second is a letterhead that is an advertisement as well. Such would be appropriate for a publisher of data and other literature. The third is stationary of a company that is involved in sales of technical equipment. In addition to the stationary items shown, invoices, purchase orders, and other documents which have a similar format have been created.

Stationary that is well designed effectively promotes a company's image. Well designed stationary sets cost little more than usual form-printed sets and are particularly effective for providing recognition of a company and its activities. Dot Info will be pleased to offer complimentary suggestions for stationary sets as well as for full company identification projects. Send an inquiry to

When you need stationary sets, contact us. You may find that utilizing Dot Info's experience in producing data sheets can be of benefit and cost effective.

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