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A. A logo is a component of the identity system and must fit in with the system, not the other way around.

B. A logo needs to be distinctive and original.

C. A logo needs to be legible and simple.

D. A logo needs to work in different graphic media.

E. If a new design, the new logo needs to have a tie-in with any previous logo or identity design.


The logos shown to the right are representative logos that I have designed. These logos typically relate to technology and are very effective for companies involved in engineering and scientific activities.

The Ancal logo shows an stylized arrow pointing across the color spectrum. Also, in a "ying-yan" feeling, an opposite arrow indicates that spectral coverage extends beyond visible. The logo seems appropriate for a company selling spectrometers.

Carl Herrmann's logo is based upon his original stationary. This logo provides customers with a good link to CHA's previous identifying image.

Dot Info's logo combines formal lettering with a free form design. The contrast is both strong and creative. That's Dot Info!

EPC's logo provides, like CHA's logo, a link to a prev-ious image. Also, the electron path implies elec-tronics and the strong font emphasizes reliability.

Fieldtec is a field engineering service covering the four states shown. This approach shows their mas-cot traversing their geographical area of activity

Golden Way is a company in Beijing which had a "GSW" logo that consisted of straight lines. This more stylish logo provides a good link to that logo, plus indicating a more forward (dynamic) look.

OmniSpec is a software company in Hawaii that specializes in color analyses and in the acquisition of spectral data. Hence, the two part logo implies both color and full spectral data.

Porno Productions is just that. The logo may speak for itself.

TVA had a simple logo consisting of the initials in a TV screen form. Changing the V into a stylized check mark adds the "OK" of effective productions.

What better way to use the initials of a company when they are the same as the first three letters of the name? The V.A.C. logo is simple but very memorable as it does the job very well, and in a subtle way.

The logos shown above are some logos that I've designed. Most are logos which represent industrial companies and are currently in use. My logos have been made in accord with the design considerations discussed above; they are simple, original, and work well in various graphics media.

I will be pleased to work with organizations which are considering new logo creation or logo upgrade. Contact me for some preliminary (complemen-tary) comments. If the initial ideas which I present seem to fit in, I will then send you three rough logo designs for your consideration (invoicing for US$ 44). If one of the ideas is OK, we'll go with it. You'll then get a finished logo design in (a.) jpg or gif for web use, (b.) 330 dpi tiff for print use, and (c.) a large PDF file. Cost will vary, but usually will be in the US$155 range for a total cost of a logo embodying the noted considerations 0f US$199.

Also, check out Stationary and Data Sheets. As you can note, I can work with you in putting together a whole identity package for your organization. I shall be pleased to do so. Click on my photo to send an e-mail to me.

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