The basic premise of organizational identity is that any organization will find it beneficial to present a consistent and recognizable image. That identity needs to be an identity system, not just a logo or other indentifying mark.

The system needs to be related to the activities in which the organization is involved. A logo can be the focus for the identity, but the activities are the criteria for the identity. There are many management books that discuss this in great detail, so these short comments are merely to introduction of how Dot Info approaches logo, stationary, and data sheet design.


As noted, there are many identity considerations which need be addressed. The approach, here, is related primarily to graphics. These considerations are expanded by "clicking" on the presentations noted to the right:  Logos, Stationary, and Data Sheets.

Dot Info can assist with these. Certainly, in house graphis departments can provide similar and because of familiarity with the organization, can generally provide very effective presentations. Advantages of using Dot Info's services include obtaining cost effective produc-tion on a contracted basis and obtaining fresh and often innovative ideas from an independent source.

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