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Data means data sheets, application reports, and other information on products and services:

Data sheets include sales literature that describes specific products or services in some detail. Data sheets usually include general descriptions, features, operations, and applications information are in data sheets. Some specifications are included in data sheets, although full specification are usually reserved for "spec sheets".

Data sheets are often the source of information about products and services that an organization supplies. Therefore it becomes important for data sheets to accurately represent the relevant organization by supplying information in easily understood and attractively designed copy (both printed matter and virtual pages).

Although somewhat different from data sheets, application reports achieve the same objective of presenting information on the products and/or services. Unlike data sheets, however, application reports define specific uses and results of employing the products of interest or discusses functions and benefits of the services of interest, or both.

It's a fact: A company or organization that presents data is being represented by the overall impression which that data provides. If the provided information is understandable and accurate and is presented in an attractive way, the company is most often looked upon favorably. Certainly, written information, charts, and pictures are no substitute for active (human) sales contacts. However, before any personal contacts are made, data usually is the first introduction that paves the way. Then, after personal contacts, data is what remains with the people contacted. In both cases, the way in which information is presented needs to be in accord with the organization's objectives.

Dot Info has created data sheets and various application reports which have effectively presented appropriate data. Although there are many forms of data sheets, the classic form which includes features, description, operation, and general specifications is proven out as a "reader friendly" format. The data sheet examples below show effective forms. The data sheet family (on the right, below) are typical of data sheets that use the classical form.

Data sheets in this row show examples of different layouts,. Note ample use of photos and drawings. Specifications and dimensions are on reverse, along with organization name and address . Data sheets in this row are examples of a data sheet family. Each data sheet is a "stand-alone" sheet, describing one item, and the family layout allows easy integration into a catalog.
The data sheets below are of a form that has proven effective for showing numerous items, typically purchased from catalogs. Note that photos, dimensional drawings and prices make purchasing easy.
The sheet below is an application report summary by Dot Info. Technical data regarding a process is presented rather than a description of a product or a service.
When you need data sheets, contact us. You may find that utilizing Dot Info's experience in producing data sheets can be of benefit and cost effective.

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