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Post cards and Chartcards

Many businesses are using postcards regularly simply because postcards work! Indeed, postcards makes good business sense. They create visibility for the sender. Also, they are highly cost efficient, especially as compared to other advertising options. Companies which regularly send out postcards range from NYSE member institutions and municipal governments to nation-ally known retailers and small distributors, and, no surprise here, companies that sell postcard advertising.

ot Info has designed and posted numerous post cards. Most Dot Info cards are referred to as Chartcards. Post cards typically contain announcements, greetings, or perhaps a card may be a redeemable coupon. A postal Chart-card more often includes information which recipients may consider valuable. Such information may be a chart or other reference data that may be of special interest. The charts on the left show some examples of postal cards that contain potentially interesting data.

These Chartcards are referred to as "keepers" because many recipients will keep the cards for further reference. A Chartcard that has an attractive design or illustration, combined with useful information, is often saved. Such cards might be pinned to a bulletin board, stuck on a instrument or a machine, or tucked into a notebook for reference. More importantly for a sender is that his or her organization's name and logo are kept with the Chartcard. By keeping an organization's name and/or its commercial activity in evidence, that organization will be one of the first to be thought of when purchases or contacts are contemplated. If you are the sender, this is a happy thought!

Postcards and Chartcards are efficient. For one thing, they can keep all recipients the loop: new prospects, current customers, past clients - - with minimum effort. When compared with traditional direct-mail piece such as letter or booklets, postcards win hands down in efficiency. A card needs no personalized greeting nor original signature, and only a small amount of copy is necessary. There's no folding, no stuffing, etc.; handling is at a minimum.

Also, efficiency means economical.  That means that by using postcards, you can realize savings on paper, printing and labor costs. Further, standard size cards provide a big savings in postage costs as compared to usual letters. When you put money into valuable information by using Chartcards, you'll increase the "staying power" of your message. Standard invitations and flyers work for department stores and groceries which need to advertise hundreds of items, but are expensive “overkill” for commercial and technical organizations.

Postcards and Chartcards are appealing and quick. There's no envelope to hide the message. There's not a lot of thinking involved, not a lot of copy to wade through. Cards are brief and to the point. They work!

Postcards and Chartcards are powerful. They make the impression, are efficient and effective, and provides
opportunities to keep in touch with present customers, to maintain contact with past customers, and to reach out to prospective (future) customers. ---And, with a Chartcard on the wall, your logo is there when requirements come up.

If your business or organization is looking for an effective and affordable way to stay in touch with its customers, - - well, drop 'em a card.

The above five images are Chartcard samples. Click to see larger views. Please note that these are low resolution views for fast web loading; larger view cards having medium resolution are on the next level (click on images). They require a bit more time to load.

Higher resolution images for Chartcards, Data Sheets, and other promotional material are always provided to clients.

Dot Info will be pleased to suggest appropriate Chartcards for clients use. Chartcards work and they are cost effective. Typically, a custom design and printing of 1000 standard size post cards will be in the US$ 250 range.

For increased efficiency, Dot Info can mail cards on clients' behalf. Contact us for information.

The above chart is a nominal 11 by 17 inch wall chart that visually presents gas dynamics mixing relationships. It includes vapor pressure and dew point curves, pressure/volume equivalents, plus conversions between pressure volume flow and mass flow. The inclusion of this chart is to show that otherwise complex relationships can be best understood when visually presented.

If your company needs to provide technical information, the right chart will do the job. And Dot Info can create the charts that are right for your presentations.