Dot Info Systems Corporation is a producer and publisher of charts and graphic images for promotions of technical products and services.

As can be noted on the general pages of this site, Dot Info’s specialty is technically related images. Our chart cards, as displayed on the Charts Page provide a particularly effective means of promotion.

Dot Info Systems Corporation is a Nevada corporation based in Henderson, Nevada. Contact us at:

PO Box 530100. Henderson, NV 89053-0100, USA
E-mail to or
Fax: 1-602-532-7018 Telephone: 1-702-810-1501
Toll free (USA & Canada): 1-817-827-1758

Dot Info provides...
 Chart Cards
 Graphs and data representations
 Engineering design & drafting
 Product data sheets
 Graphic identities (including activity related logos)

Dot info is managed by Bud Wood


Bud Wood is an engineer who has designed both mechanical and electronic products. This included making working drawings, layout drawings, and spec sheets. In addition. he created product data sheets, chart cards, and other promotional graphics. Bud Wood is also an artist who has had works displayed in galleries.

Bud Wood utilizes computer programs in most of his work. He is competent in the use of Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Word Perfect and Microsoft Excel. He is a Member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals and was a Registered Professional Engineer.