You’ve come to the right place. That is if you’re looking for images for promotions of your objectives and/or for presentation of your products. We just may have some ideas that will prove to be cost effective for you.

Chart Images is Dot Info’s site which is for you to explore ideas in chart presentations and image concepts, and to generally enjoy our portfolio. Our portfolio is mostly about the specialty of the house, chart images. Whether it be simple X-Y charts, dimensional conversion charts, cut-away draw-ings, or Chart Cards, the criterion is to always present data clearly and attractively.

Please take the opportunity to browse through the portfolio. If you see what might be applicable for promotion of your objectives, contact me. An e-mail with your requirements will generate some suggestions; -- complimentary, of course. Then, if we can be of service, you can take it from there because usually some idea of our charges for image creation will be forthcoming.

Organization of this site:

Home, which is this page, is a general introduction. From here, you can go to the Chart page, the Tech page, the Identity page, the Picture page, and the About page.

The Chart page shows some charts that have been made and discusses their use in post cards and Chart Cards. - - And why such are effec-tive and economical.

The Tech page shows examples of technical drawings which have been made as supplements to our charts and other images.

The Identity page discusses the importance of identity systems, and shows some effective stationary, logos, data sheets, etc., which together make up identity systems

The Picture page is a compilation of images that, like the technical drawings, supplement our charts.

And then the About page tells you about Dot Info Systems Corp.

The above images will give you an idea of what we've done. They show e-mail stationary, technical drawings, charts, and a photo modification. As you can note, Dot Info has the capabilities to create images that communicate and inform. Should you need such images, Dot Info is available as your supplementary graphics source, providing you with effective and low cost graphic services which you can use as needed.

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